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Learn and get trained by the best industry teachers, instructors, and mentors from  
USA, United Kingdom, China, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Spain, and Middle East

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What We Do

We provide training for these Tests and entrance Exams

IELTS -  International English Language Testing System
TOEFL - Test of English as a Foreign Language
SAT - Scholastic Aptitude Test
GMAT - Graduate Management Admission Test
GRE - Graduate Record Examinations 
PTE -  Pearson Test of English

Learn fast and get going - either planning to visit foreign countries,

going abroad on a crucial business trip, or want to acquire casual or professional language skills.
We can help you to achieve your goals in a short period of time.
All our teachers and instructors are native speaker of these

languages.  English (American, British, Canadian, Australian) 
                  Chinese            Spanish 
                  German            Italian
                  French              Dutch 
                  Turkish             Arabic; etc


We also arrange On-Demand language and specialized academic

courses and trainings.  

Our foreign-trained professionals and teachers can help you to

achieve your set goals.

USMLE, A-Level, and assistance in Ph.D. program

Our industry-leading professional from the USA provides

mentorship and coaching to offshore, nearshore companies and

helps them implement and adopt a cost-effective

BPO model, improve their processes, and grow their business. 

Students Taking Note

All these training programs and courses will be conducted by professional and certified native language speakers from America, Europe, and Middle East. 

Academic Services

University/College English Language Entrance Exams

IELTS - Essential (complete course)

IELTS - Speaking (specialize course)

TOEFL - Essential (Complete Course)

TOEFL - Speaking (specialize Course)

SAT - Essential (complete course)

GMAT - Essential (complete course)

GMAT - Subject-based tutoring 

GRE - Essential (complete course)

GRE - Subject-based tutoring 

A Level - Subject-based tutoring  

USMLE - Prep Work and Jump Start
USMLE - Step 1 
USMLE - Step 2 CK 
USMLE - Step 3 

Ph.D. Assistance Program 

Language Services 

Innovative courses to learn the international Languages

  • Crash Courses 

  • Executives

  • Immigrants/Visitors

  • Group Travelers (Tourists)

  • Real-world Speaking and conversation

Group Discussion
  • English - American 

  • English - British 

  • English - Australian 

  • Chinese 

  • Turkish 

  • French 

  • German 

  • Italian 

  • Dutch 

  • Arabic

All teachers are native speaker from the respective countries 

Mentorship and Coaching

For Small, Medium, and Large


Virtual Meeting

Freelancers and Freelancing

  •    Challenges & Benefits

  •    Target Businesses 

  •    Marketing 

  •    Pricing 

  •    Leads 

  •    Client Management

  •    Communication

  •    Payment

  •    Support

Business Outsourcing 
Off-shore, Onsite Near-shore 

  •    Strategies

  •    Processes

  •    Analysis 

  •    Statistics

  •    Focus Markets

  •    Potential Markets 

  •    Methodologies 

  •    Execution 

  •    Delivery

  •    Operational excellence

  •    Support Models

  •    Partners 

  •    Best Practices 

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