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Answers to Your Questions

What Computer and technology is required for online class? 
You are required to have computer, (Desktop, Laptop, Tablet), headset, internet connection and Skype / Zoom. 

Q: What mode of payment is acceptable?  
You can pay fees using Credit/Debit Card; your bank should be able to pay in US dollars.  
We also accept payments using PayPal. Western Union is another option available.

Q: How do I contact GapLearner Support? 
We will provide a hotline number to registered students for any urgent matter. You can also use “Contact Us” page for any other information you need.

Q: How will the classes be conducted?
All classes will be online using the Skype, Zoom, WebEx, or Google Hangouts.

Q: How many students allowed in one Group Class?
We prefer 5 to 8 students in a class.

Q: Who assigns the teacher?
Gap Learner assigns the teacher; based on teacher and students' availability.

Q: Can I review my previous sessions?
We don't allow recording the session, but student can take notes, whereas learning material will be provided.

Q: Where is GapLearner based? 
Gap Learner is based in the United States; we have our support and admin staff in different countries close to our student communities. 

Q: Can I request my favorite tutor for Online Classes?

Yes, you can request any Teacher, but there is no guarantee that we would arrange the class with your favorite Teacher. 

Q: What should I do if my Teacher did not show up on the scheduled day?
Please inform Gap Leaner on hotline number provided. 
If the Teacher cannot come online for the class, we will reschedule the class with the same or another Teacher.

What are the deadlines for class registration?
Every group class has its deadline to apply; usually, we need at least three days before starting the day.

What are the deadlines for class registration?

Every Group class has its deadline to apply; usually, we need at least three days before starting the day.

Q: How GapLearner is different from other tutoring services? 
GapLearner is the only platform that provides Language based services with native language speakers for Student and Professional communities. 
Our certified Teachers have decades of experience and are recognized by the industry.   

Q: Where the Teachers are located? 
The Teachers are located in different part of the world, especially from UK, US, Canada, Australia, Europe, Middle East, and China. 

Q: What happens if I miss my class? 
We recommend our students to strictly follow the class schedule. 
If a student misses a class in case of an emergency, they can attend the same class with another group. In case of private class GapLearner will have to coordinate with teacher and student to accommodate the situation.

Q: Do you have the option of a Private, 1-on-1 (single student) training class?
Yes, we offer Private, 1-on-1 sessions.

Q: Can I schedule a session with a tutor?
The schedule will be provided by Gap Learner, especially if it is a Group Class. Teachers and Students have flexibility to make minor changes in the timeslots in case of private lessons. 

Q: What if I do not like the teacher?
Student can inform Gap Learner Management; we will accommodate with other Teacher available. 



Q: What do we expect from students before and during the session?
We expect the students to follow the class schedule, be punctual, pay your fees on time, and make sure the required setup is ready before the class.  

How do students interact with each other?

They can interact in the class, also after the class if they want by using any communication tool.

What is the fee for courses?
The package details for each plan is mentioned on “Packages” page. The fee amount will provide to the student by email or over the phone call/text. 

You can also reach out to us using the "Contact" page" if you have any questions.